Going Strong!

This is the first week of the year and we have started it with a win as I wrote my philosophical thoughts here.

Wins this week:

Productivity Hack of the Week

My all time favorite productivity tool is Alfred for the Mac (sorry Windows folks). Check out my favorite Workflows in Alfred here.

Might be a little older; but you can get the answers from here.

Books I’ve been reading:

The Mathematical Corporation: Where Machine Intelligence and Human Ingenuity Meet the Impossible
Another really good overview of the trends currently taking industry by storm. It reminded me very much of the inventory

The Power of Habit
Started this book way back when it first came out but never seemed to pick it up and suck it in. However after reading Faster Better Smarter, I was psyched to pick this up again and zip through it. So far:

“40 percent of the actions people performed each day weren’t actual decisions, but habits.”

Highlights of the Week:

Track of the Week

Drumroll everyone!! I’ve picked the following track to be the first of the week. Here you fill find a beautiful composition that reminds oneself of new beginnings just like this year has rolled in. I’m excited to be part of 2018 as it brings some great new times.

I’m a generative artist and data scientist who is interested in solving problems, creating gen art and data vis, understanding biology and philosophy.